The MB Glassman Foundation Avos Ubanim

A weekly Motzei Shabbos/Saturday night learning program for fathers and sons. Incentives include raffles, prizes, and, most importantly, one-on-one bonding time for fathers and sons.

Mother-Daughter: Torah & Tea

A monthly Sunday morning program for mothers and daughters. Time spent together learning and reflecting on each Jewish month together as mothers and daughters. 

A Day on the Slopes

Each winter, The Glassman Avos Ubanim hosts a reduced rate family ski day, which includes bus fare, ski-gear rental and lift tickets for those with prior skiing experience. The conviviality and fun time shared by adults and children alike remain as cherished memories of spirited Jewish fun for years to come.

Bein Hazmanim / Seasonal Youth learning programs

Tailored for the Middle, High School and Post-High School boys, this appealing program is held during semester breaks to encourage consistent Torah learning as a mode within or without the school walls. Aside from davening and learning in a formal setting, the young men are treated to a breakfast, each day the program is offered.  The program is led by R’ Dovid Ribakow and R’ Chaim Sher, who nurture the boys’ sense of accomplishment and satisfaction at maintaining an optional schedule of learning and davening during their free time.

Achoseinu – a program of the Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation

On alternate Shabbos afternoons, Mrs. Ayelet Ribakow hosts the elementary age girls of Denver’s East Side, sharing stories, songs, games and moving words to develop better use of the power of speech.


As part of the national Pirchei Agudath Israel, East Side Denver’s Jewish boys participate in weekly Shabbos gatherings, where they learn, play and are captivated by uplifting stories and enjoy a nice Shabbos treat.

Bnos: Shabbos Afternoon Groups for Girls

East Side Denver’s Jewish girls participate in weekly Shabbos gatherings, where they learn, play and are captivated by uplifting stories while enjoing a nice Shabbos treat.

Meoros HaGedolim 

A Congregation Zera Abraham initiative, this Spring/ Summer Shabbos afternoon children’s program features stories and anecdotes of different Gedolim, to discover and appreciate our Gedolim of yesterday and today. Each participant receives a photo of the Gadol discussed that week.

Yeshivas Mordechai Hatzadik

Each Purim morning, before the festivities and merriment of the day begin in earnest, men and boys gather to infuse themselves with the true spirit of happiness, Torah study. Led by R’ Dovid Ribakow, YMT of Merkaz gives focus and elevation to the auspicious day of Purim.