About Merkaz

In 2008, Merkaz Torah V’Chesed was founded as a Yeshiva Toras Chaim affiliate, bringing an authentic yeshiva learning experience to the East Denver Jewish community. With the vision of servicing Jews from all over the Denver metro area, Program Director, Rabbi Chaim Sher and Rabbinical Director, Rabbi Aver Jacobs, set out to inspire elevated Torah Learning and Torah Living.
Beginning with a fledgling handful membership over a decade ago, Merkaz participation has swelled to over 80 unique visitors on a weekly basis, many of whom return to learn several times a week. Merkaz currently offers a full roster of classes and shiurim, every day of the week, on a wide variety of topics. The vibrant and supportive Beis Medresh atmosphere, housing skilled Torah scholars and teachers, offers individuals, novices and seasoned learners alike, the opportunity of advancing their Torah learning skills and personal erudition. Whether with a one-on-one chavrusah/learning partner or in a group shiur/class, development of the Torah mind, and inspiration of the Jewish soul, happens here, at the heart of Merkaz.
Our programming includes a daily learning seder every morning and evening, Sunday through Friday, as well as a robust roster of Shabbos classes. Weekly classes for women, fantastic programming for children and young adults, inspiring Shabbatons and Annual learning events are just a sampling of what Merkaz has to offer.
We look forward to learning with you soon!

Meet Merkaz